The 6th Workshop on Online Abuse and Harms (2022)


The goal of The Workshop on Online Abuse and Harms (WOAH) is to advance research that develops, interrogates and applies computational methods for detecting, classifying and modelling online abuse. You can see the Proceedings of WOAH 4 (2020) and WOAH 5 (2021). Please read, discuss and use!


Digital technologies have brought myriad benefits for society, transforming how people connect, communicate and interact with each other. However, they have also enabled harmful and abusive behaviours to reach large audiences and for their negative effects to be amplified, including interpersonal aggression, bullying and hate speech. Already marginalised and vulnerable communities are often disproportionately at risk of receiving such abuse, compounding other social inequalities and injustices. WOAH welcomes an interdisciplinary mix of perspectives on online abuse and harm.

WOAH 5 (2021)

Huge thank you to everyone who attended WOAH 5 (2021)! We had a great day, with key notes from Leon Derczynski, Murali Shanmugavelan and Deb Raji. We also had lightning talks, two panels, a keynote discussion, a joint session with the folks from MWE workshop and concluding remarks. We are grateful to everyone who attended, helped to organise and gave financial and non-financial support.


You can contact the organizers at organizers [at] workshopononlineabuse [dot] com

Sponsors for WOAH 2022 are still to be confirmed

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